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Organizations need a quick, objective overview of the human capital, so that appropriate and necessary decisions can be implemented

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It is vital to uncover the leadershipskills and the company culture. An excellent culture start with leadership qualities, motivated employees and how well their fit their jobs.

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Xientia Leadership

Our Leadership Analysis is the correlation between Individual Analysis and Management Analysis.
It shows the existing Management competencies with the associated leadership skills, what potentials there are and the current situation in the organization. It also shows what is considered the most important leadership skills and the actual score in the organisation.
The results are shown per leader, department and the organization as a whole.

​Management Analysis

Our 360 ° assesses 13 Management competencies and 38 specific skills. You can choose which of these you want for the different management levels in your organization.
The 360 °  is analysed through co-workers, subordinates, direct managers or collaborators.
The assessment will help you understand which challenges managers got with their team or changes in their working environment.

Xientia management Analyzis

​Individual Analysis

​If you only use personality assessments, performance prediction is no greater than 20%. Cognitive skills make up for 50% of performance prediction, while occupational interests make up for 20 %. If you use all of these assessment tools, performance prediction will not exceed 65-75%.
Our Job Match is a complex system of algorithms which identify psychological and skill-based potential with a performance predictions of over 90%. Our competitive advantage is our ability to identify job match on an organization and per-position basis.
We provide development plans for each unique individual.
Choose between more than 100 dimensions to measure.
For recruitment, top performer development and career development programs. Can be done in more than 25 languages.


​​Xientia Performance

​Performance Analysis visualises the gap between todays  performance and if all where High Performers.
An average organization has 16% High, 68% Average and 16% Low-performing employees.
The difference also shows the values of the non effective salary of managers, specialists, skilled workers and unskilled workers.
A leader is 48% less productive comparing the "Top performer" to "Average" and 48% less productive from the "Average" to "Low performer ".

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​Xientia #MnA

In Post Merger Integration M & A processes speed and a good plan is important, even for knowing the people involved.

  • Focus on Leaders and employees.
  • Know what challenges you face when it comes to the people in the organization.
  • Which solutions give effect to the challenges you face. Whether it is a business you buy or whether there are two or more to merge.
  • Valued for dynamic, easy to use and understand, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.

​Xientia Culture Aspect

​You will see the correlation between  culture, behaviors and skills.​
We have cracked the code to see what needs to be done to change the culture in the organization.

​It´s time to think different

Xientia Culture Aspect

How they are connected

​All of our products ​are connected to each other.

​But you can start wherever you want, and put on more analyzes gradually.
​Correlating this data with other factors will make it easy to find out where culture works well and where it does not.

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