Would you let a doctor operate on you
without doing an examination first?

​Do you have a culture who fit your strategy?

Organisations need a fast, objective overview of the human capital in the company, so that proper and necessary decisions can be made.
- Adi Agnatius

​Only 10% are engaged and 19% are active disengaged

​What’s very often frustrating is that, in many cases, your culture seemed to be just fine. You were attracting the best talent, and you were beating the competitors. You had created the best organisation. So what went wrong?

​Your workplace is changing

One of the main challenges of an organization is that 60 - 70 % of all change fail due to lack of knowledge about human capital.
Faster and more powerful changes lead to changes in the strategy and adaptations in the organization.

​If you are going in blind you´ll miss the mark

​​Employee attitudes can make or break your business.
Today strategy is often based on surroundings alone. The people who are going to implement the strategy are often forgotten.

​What is Company Culture?

​Culture tells us how to respond to an   unprecedented service request. It tells us   whether to risk telling our bosses about our   new ideas, and whether to surface or hide   problems. We make hundreds of decisions on our own every day, and culture is our guide.
Culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room, which is of course most of the time.”
- ​Francis Frey & Anne Morriss

​From Edgar H Schein´s model of Culture.

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​Culture - ​Leadership - ​Performance


Har ​bedriften investert tid og penger på måling av engasjement uten merkbart resultat på bunnlinje?
​Kunne du tenke deg å ha en ROI på 1:3 på investerte penger?

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 Due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continues to impact the global community are all of our seminars and workshops now postponed.

We arrange corporate workshops on culture and what to pay attention to when changes occur, because lack of development, silo mentallity or merger and Acquisitions.


Low trust = 
low speed & high cost

High trust =
high speed & low cost


Those who focus on trust get better results than those who focus on results


Trust is maybe the most important ​part of a culture.

Management Analyzis Xientia

​​“Passion is individualistic. It can energize us but also isolate us, because my passion isn’t yours. By contrast, purpose is something we can share.
It can knit groups together.”
Dan & Chip Heath from Power of Moment

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